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The Mixed Media Sketchbooks of Gosia Herba

by Lauren Konopacki 2

The Mixed Media Sketchbooks of Gosia Herba | Doodlers Anonymous

Gosia Herba mixes gouache, collage, pencils, crayons, and watercolor to create beautiful compositions in her sketchbook. She illustrates people, animals, and objects in an abstract way that gives them a round, puffy presence. The general vibe of her sketchbook is happy and playful, but also mysterious because in a handful of the paintings you can see the characters shedding tears. I especially like the pages where she cuts out little shapes and layers it with paints to create something bigger. She likes to use bold, blue shapes that are balanced out with perfectly placed patterns in many of her other works too!



  1. Her work in my interpretation has the spirit of Picasso and the bold yet calming color scheme of Van Gogh, it's a satisfying if not playful recess for the eyes. I love all of it.

  2. So cool!

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