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Medieval Sketchbook

by Lauren Konopacki 3

Medieval Sketchbook | Doodlers Anonymous

Ivan Meshkov is a very talented artist whose gothic sketchbook goes hand-in-hand with the Halloween season. It features straightforward subject matter including castles, weapons, ships, knights, witches, and skulls as if it were drawn straight from your nightmares. He experiements with a variety of techniques when it comes to his illustrations. They are done using black ink except for the occasional red accent which amplifies the gory nature of the sketches. Be sure to check out more of Ivan's work here


  1. Awesome. Loved the the etching effect and high contrast.

  2. Excellent illustrative work and pen techniques. It's similar to the kind of thing that you'd see in the old Fighting Fantasy gamebooks.

  3. Wow! I really like your work!

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