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Live Sketches While Traveling Abroad

by Lauren Konopacki 0

Live Sketches While Traveling Abroad | Doodlers Anonymous

Check out these delicately drawn sketches done by Jose David Morales while traveling to Tokyo for two weeks. The most impressive part is that these are live drawings of people that he came across on his journey whether it be in a coffee shop or on a park bench. Usually when drawing a live sketch, people tend to use one color because you need to move quickly but I love how Jose uses so many different colors in his strokes giving them that extra life and dimension. He exaggerates different features on each of his subjects, giving them thier own unique personality. I notice that no black was used in creating these figures, they're so colorful while also maintaing a huge amount of white space, which is why they look so clean and weightless. The lines are so loose and free, giving the sketches an illusion of movement and being right there in that moment. Click here to check out more work by Jose David Morales if you loved his art as much as I did! 



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