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Microscopic Donald Trump Doodles

by Lauren Konopacki 1

Microscopic Donald Trump Doodles | Doodlers Anonymous

Just leaked! New microscopic images of different viruses that may shock you..I've got to hand it to Bradley T Wind for his creativity, relevance, and humor with his most recent uploads to the Portrait section under the Participate tab. Bradley decided to do some research on the actual cell structure of different viruses under a microscope and use his artistic abilities to morph that with Donald Trumps' head! He makes a note of exactly what virus he drew which is extremely interesting and also visually accurate (I googled it). His drawing skills and color palette are on point, and I love how they each have a different facial expression/style to them while still maintaining a similar feel. Without getting too politically involved, let's all just appreciate Bradley's skill and creativity, allowing the drawings to speak for themselves.

TRUMP DonoGonorrhea


TRUMP Shigella

TRUMP necrotizing fasciitis


TRUMP chlamydia


  1. Lauren you are flippin excellent! My profile picture is a caricature type picture I did of Janice Atkinson - a racist Member of the European Parliament that idiots on South est England voted for. She was standing as a UKIP Member of Parliament last year but she was found spending her MEP expense account on UKIP fundraisers in Folkestone England so she was kicked out yehay!!! She is very agressive - I have experienced it first hand! She calls Thai people 'Ting Tongs' and called a political opponent a 'fat cow' in public - she's STILL an MEP though!! I need to do more of have inspired me.

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