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Sketchbook Time Lapse Shows All

by Lauren Konopacki 2

Sketchbook Time Lapse Shows All | Doodlers Anonymous

I recently stumbled upon Anke Weckmann's work and fell in love. She is a freelance illustrator from London who draws adorable, everyday characters. Aside from the fact that her hand-drawn people, animals, and objects are equally irresistable, I love how she showcases her sketchbook process weekly in a YouTube video. Her sketchbook videos show a time lapse of her creative process from the pencil drawing stage, to filling it in with color. Each spread has its own particular theme, whether its the objects that she's drawing, the patterns used, or the color palette. In the videos, I noticed that she jumps back and forth between drawing and coloring often. She uses big blocks of solid colors to fill in one area of the drawing with her markers, then will pick up the pencil again and start adding more on. I've got to give her kudos because when it comes to my drawings, I was not gifted with such multitasking abilities. All artists work in their own way that is completely different from the next person, and that is why I love seeing process videos so much!




  1. Love anke!

  2. Very nice!

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