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Drawings That Are Soft As Silk

by Lauren Konopacki 1

Drawings That Are Soft As Silk | Doodlers Anonymous

I've been following ozabu on instagram for quite some time for the simple fact that her drawings never fall short of utterly amazing. She likes to focus her artwork around these beautiful, empowered, and expressionless women. These women have flawlessly smooth skin and what really stands out to me is the hair, and how you can see every last strand blowing in the breeze. So much time and attention to detail clearly goes into each and every drawing and the end result is astonishing. It's not uncommon to see other delicate objects surrounding the women such as flowers, feathers, and birds. Time after time, she perfectly achieves the feeling of a soft, three dimensional being that you can reach out and touch infront of you. Patience, a delicate hand, and dream-like subject matter is what makes ozabu's drawings one for the books!


  1. Absolute masterful use of pencil - it looks like it has been airbrushed - what a talent!

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