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Around the World on a Jumbo Ikea Closet

by Lauren Konopacki 1

Around the World on a Jumbo Ikea Closet | Doodlers Anonymous

Check out this amazing freehand drawing of popular travel destinations by the wildly talented Deck two. He used nothing but a marker (and a heavy skill set) to tell a 3 dimensional story of wanderlust and action-packed adventure. What I find so interesting about this piece is that he decided to draw the entire thing on the doors of a jumbo Ikea closet. What an awesome way to add some spice to those generic, plain furnishings that we all posess throughout our homes! Not only do I find myself marvelling about the overall effect, but I'm extremely impressed by his drawing skills and techniques used in every single detail. As if finding a way to combine all of these different locations wasn't difficult enough, he is on point with the perspective of the entire layout and I love seeing the close up timelapse of his drawing process!



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