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This Artists' Sketchbook is an Etch A Sketch

by Lauren Konopacki 1

This Artists' Sketchbook is an Etch A Sketch | Doodlers Anonymous

Jane Labowitch, also known as "Princess Etch A Sketch", started playing with the Etch A Sketch when she was four years old and has completely mastered the toy, turning it into an artistic tool to create mind-boggling drawings that require a huge amount of skill and patience. I just think back to myself as a child fumbling around with those clunky knobs, barely able to write out my own name (let alone create a beautifully detailed work of art with one continuous line). Aside from her awesome drawing skills and bottomless patience, all it takes is one wrong move to ruin the entire thing yet she pulls it off every time! I'm in love with Jane's work because her miniature blast-from-the-past masterpieces are sure to blow anyone's mind, but more importantly she's stayed true to a passion that she's carried since childhood and that in itself is beautiful.


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