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Majestic Animal Ballpoint Pen Drawings

by Lauren Konopacki 2

Majestic Animal Ballpoint Pen Drawings | Doodlers Anonymous

These ballpoint pen drawings by Yelena Yefimova show off the beauty of mother nature in a whole new light. The fact that she used nothing but a ballpoint pen to create a whispy, realistic effect is nothing short of amazing. Only someone with an incredibly light hand and great deal of patience could pull off this type of drawing. Seeing her artwork from afar looks almost like a photograph, but when you look at it up close you can truly appreciate the amount of time that went into the details down the the last hair. Not to mention the animals are wonderfully majestic and flat out adorable, all at the same time!

Ballpoint Pen Animal Drawings

Ballpoint Pen Animal Drawings

Ballpoint Pen Panda Drawings

Ballpoint Pen Racoon Drawing

Ballpoint Pen Monkey Drawing

Ballpoint Pen Animal Drawings


  1. VERY inspiring ! Ballpoint is a hard medium to master. The tip builds up fluid and leaks. It takes much care and finesse withing this art form. . .

  2. Super cool stuff here...

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