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Delicious Doodles That'll Make Your Mouth Water!

by Lauren Konopacki 1

Delicious Doodles That'll Make Your Mouth Water! | Doodlers Anonymous

This beautifully done recipe book by Aliya Manakova from Russia combines different inks and markers to effortlessly inspire anyone pondering their next masterpiece in the kitchen. I'm not sure about you, but looking through this hand-drawn recipe book not only got my mouth watering, but my imagination running wild. The colors in these delicately drawn pastries and sandwiches are blended so well, that it's almost more tempting than the real thing. Her illustrations, typography, and layout design are sure to blow your mind as you flip through the pages whether your searching for creative inspiration or a reason to fire up the skillet.


  1. I LOVE to cook, and turned one of my sketchbooks into a recipe books. My illustrations / drawings aren't as colorful as Aliyah's: they are very nicely done. . .

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