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Architectural Adventures in a Sketchbook

by Jaanelle Yee 1

Architectural Adventures in a Sketchbook | Doodlers Anonymous

A true doodle addict doesn’t leave the house without a sketchbook. Or, in Daria Savina’s case, doesn’t leave the hotel without it either. Even on vacation, this student of architecture doesn’t take a break from artistry. She documents the adventures of her sketchbook around her home country and on vacation in Italy, taking stunning photos that juxtapose her drawings with the monuments they are based on. I love the spur-of-the-moment inspiration of stopping to draw in public, and snapping a shot of the finished product on the spot. These sketchbooks are much more personal, intimate keepsakes of special places you’ve been than taking a selfie in front of them, don’t you think?

architecture sketchbook

architecture sketchbook

architecture sketchbook


  1. VERY nice done renderings of buildings. He captured the spirit and characters of these edifices. . .

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