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Pencil vs. Pen

by Hugo Seijas 3

What is better Pencil or Pen? | Doodlers Anonymous

There is a never-ending rivalry between the versatile Pencil and the trusty Pen. There are those that prefer the freedom that the pencil allots, while there is another camp that prefers the permanence that only a pen can provide.

So now we task you, the Doodlers Anonymous community, to settle the rivalry once and for all. When you get the urge to draw, which do you reach for first? Cast your vote below and sound off in the comments: Why is your choice the right choice?



  1. For me, the pen wins. My Uni-ball Signo 207 Black pen is always within arms reach.

  2. There IS NO rivalry between Pencil and Pen!!! (I) use them both, they mostly work best together, hand in hand.

  3. It seemed cut and dry: pencil (#2) and blue or black standard ink. There are sOO many variations of each that some pencils I prefer over pens, but there are some pens I prefer over pencils.

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