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Blinking Lights and Beeping Parts: A Robot Coloring Book Collection

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Blinking Lights and Beeping Parts: A Robot Coloring Book Collection | Doodlers Anonymous

Back in August of 2015 we published a mini-coloring book on robots, but we never gave it a proper launch as right around then we had also just released our Epic Coloring Book with Monacelli Press (Penguin Random House).

It’s about time it gets it’s own party. The book is titled Blinking Lights and Beeping Parts and it features the hand-drawn art of 48 artists in a beautiful collection of everything bot. The cover is something special too, illustrated by the incredible Tim Easley, it’s an isometric playground of digital toys and hidden gems, like a vintage Atari and an original Nintendo gaming controller riding a skateboard.

This book is the perfect little illustration and coloring companion that will fit right in with your zine collection or your smallest bag. Get one for yourself or someone who’s got a kink for clunky, electro-mechanical machines and b-movie, retro, futuristic cyborgs.

I want to especially thank all of the artists that participated. We love curating these books and we truly hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy putting them together. Below are some spreads from the book or click here to watch a video flip-through of all 48-pages.

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