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Member Spotlight: Sandra Chiu

by Jaanelle Yee 0

sketchbook, flowers, photography | Doodlers Anonymous

Some artists live in their head, disconnected from the world around them when they are sketching. Sandra Chiu seems quite the opposite. She brings the world onto her art! I checked out Sandra’s member profile after her submission for our last Showcase, and found a link to her blog where she posts stunning photos of her sketchbook. I liked her lively style on first sight, but the real treat was finding bits of real life mingling with her drawings. A sketchbook open to a color pencil drawing of flowers, sprinkled with real petals. Actual flowers arranged to fit amongst a floral pattern on the page. A hand resting on the book with quirky nail art that matches the drawing. With these added elements, the photos of the sketchbook become a new piece of art, one more charming than the original page on its own.

sketchbook with flowers

sketchbook with nail art

sketchbook with flowers


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