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Sketchy Thoughts from Jamie Tao

by OKAT 29

Sketchy Thoughts from Jamie Tao | Doodlers Anonymous

For our first spotlight, I'd like to point you in the direction of Jamie Tao. I met Jamie at an AIGA event a few months back. We exchanged contact information and a few days later, I got a peek at some of her work as an art director. She told me much of what she does begins with a thought, sketched in her notebook, and from there executed on the computer. Take a look at some of the recent scans she sent me.

black and white bird sketch

jamie tao sketch dream

jamie tao black and white sketch

jamie tao sketch

jamie tao american airlines plane ticket doodle

jamie tao sketch

do the right thing doodle


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  1. LOVE these doodles. They are just the sort of things i saw. IMMENSE drawer ; )

  2. i like these drawings lots! Very cool text and image combinations i think. merci for sharing!

  3. i totally love the first one!

  4. i enjoy the textures in some and the phrase: 'listen to your mom man'... priceless

  5. Awesome and hilarious! Love the 'listen to your mom man'. Reminds me of Frances McDormand in Almost Famous giving maternal advice to Billy Crudup's character: "Now go do your best. Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid. Goethe said that. It's not too late for you to become a person of substance."

  6. love your work! very spontaneous!

  7. Great work.

  8. it was great meeting you yesterday! thanks for sharing your insights into the field. hope to run into you again (maybe in nyc!)

  9. Love the beards. (|:

  10. After looking at all the featured doodlers and their doodles, I made up my mind to go back to doodling again. I think I'm inspired. I just hope it's not a mere wishful thinking. :D

  11. love that your canvas is anything with a surface, while random thoughts translate into wonderful insights.

  12. I like the I am feeling lonely with the gray rain cloud

  13. love the beard!

  14. I would buy a t-shirt that said "I'm not homeless, I'm just dirty." or one that said "Listen to your mom, man." ...heck, any of these would make a great shirt.

  15. I love how you write what you're thinking at the moment. Gorgeous handwriting.

  16. i agree with @ANDHEDREW i would love get my hands on some of those prints and pink emulsion them...or maybe blue emulsion might work better...but i could totally make those into shirts!! i used to do it with my friends art all the time in high school!!

  17. I laughed at Listen to your mom, man. . .it's soooo cool

  18. Caw-wow-caw... That means, wonderful work in bird-speak.

  19. I love the honesty and reality in your doodles, the combination of typography and subtle imagery is awesome!

  20. These are so rad.

  21. just awesome.

  22. Great, it's spontaneous.

  23. Great

  24. I just can say WOW!!!!

  25. I just can say WOW!!!!


  27. Great doodles!

  28. Your drawings make me think about the definitions of art that I read in this new ebook that in a complete new way explains art and beauty, by Claudio Richerme ( is selling it)

  29. Nice art work. So realistic and beautiful.

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