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DO Drink & Doodle

by Jaanelle Yee 0

DO Drink & Doodle | Doodlers Anonymous

drink coaster doodle

The clearest sign of being a doodle addict is a compulsion to draw on any surface. Mazen Kerbaj can’t stop himself from doodling away even when he’s out and about with no paper on hand. His instagram (@mazenjerbaj) is dedicated to chronicling doodle adventures throughout bars and restaurants of the world. From Berlin to Beirut, his spontaneous characters have made their way onto unsuspecting drink coasters of many kinds. There's a fun element of surprise in the different patterns and shapes of his makeshift canvases, and the way the artist’s characters are drawn to suit each coaster’s style. It’s great to see someone who simply can’t wait to get home to their pen and paper to doodle, so cheers to that!

drink coaster doodle


drink coaster doodledrink coaster doodledrink coaster doodle


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