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Women in the Woods

by Jaanelle Yee 3

Women in the Woods | Doodlers Anonymous

Kristel Sergo, also known as Olevus, is an urban sketcher from Estonia with a hidden gem amongst her sketchbooks full of cities. She went out of her urban comfort zone to create three series of ladies (and the occasional gentleman) hanging out in the woods. Women alone in the woods sounded like horror movie material to me at first, but these drawings are quite the opposite. The subjects are elegant, stylish, and confident in their natural surroundings. Sergo makes visually interesting designs out of the contours of the face, and really cool detail work in the patterns of fabric or trees in the background as well. 

women in the woods olevus

woman in the woods

woman in the woods

woman in the woods

woman in the woods

woman in the woods



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