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It Looks Like We Have a Winner!

by Hugo Seijas 2

It Looks Like We Have a Winner! | Doodlers Anonymous

After much deliberation, we've chosen the winner (from the top 15 submissions) of our latest showcase challenge "Illustrate What's on the Mind of a Chef". The honor goes to Judy Wong, whose illustration of planet Earth split-open revealing all kinds of tasty ingredients resonated with both our audience and our judges. In her own words, the "Fun part of a chef daydreaming: cutting out your slice of home and seeing what flavors come out! That, or wondering how to eat the world."

Congratulations Judy!

But wait there is more! We'd also like to highlight and acknowledge Meena Murugappan’s submission (seen below) as an honorable mention. We fell in love with the attention to detail in her piece. Kudos to all!

Showcase 25: Honorable Mention

As a recap you can view all the creative submissions here >


  1. Such an excellent art blog post. Like this.

  2. WOW! I only just saw this post and I’m more than thrilled. Thank you for the honorable mention. It was a fun challenge to work on!

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