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What do two kids do when they can't afford Pokémon cards? They draw their own.

by Hugo Seijas 3

What do two kids do when they can't afford Pok�mon cards? They draw their own. | Doodlers Anonymous

Hand Drawn Creature Cards Enhanced Tissue Regeneration

Handdrawn Creature Cards

What do you do when you don't have much money growing-up, but love Pokémon? If you're brothers Richard and Henry, you create your own decks of cards. At about ages 10 and 12 respectively, they started the project. The idea was to create a balanced set of cards that would offer them infinite replay-ability. Although each card was crafted by each of them individually (illustration and concept), the card would only make it to the final deck with unanimous approval. Needless to say, this process was not without its arguments, but in the end, the goal was to make decks that were enjoyable to play.

In all, there were 7 completed decks, with a total of approximately 300 cards with the last set completed nearly 5 years after the whole project began.

We can all learn from stories like these. Richard and Henry, as kids, worked around their monetary roadblock using their creativity to create something unique. Next time you have something impeding you, embrace it and use it to your advantage - your craft will thank you for it.

Hand Drawn Creature Cards Golzukatude

Hand Drawn Creature Cards Magic Cannon Blast

Hand Drawn Creature Cards: Rusty Disinfectant

Hand Drawn Creature Cards: Ultrabot

Hand Drawn Creature Cards: Flamdrin

Handdrawn Playing Cards: Picka-uper-2000

Creature Cards: Disabled

Collection Spread

You can catch a glimpse at even more photos from their collection at their Imgur album.


  1. Wonderful kids art. Love so much and many best wish for them.

  2. Love this so much.

  3. This is a great project. I make Artists Trading Cards [ATC] every year during the month of March with my kids in ART class. Then we trade with a nearby school. The kids have FUN every time they make them...

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