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Coloring Up A Storm in the Doodlers Anonymous Epic Coloring Book

by Jaanelle Yee 9

Coloring Up A Storm in the Doodlers Anonymous Epic Coloring Book | Doodlers Anonymous

doodlers anonymous epic coloring book

There's nothing that makes our day like seeing the way our books inspire others to color up something beautiful. We discovered Dede Willingham a month or so ago when she hosted a live stream of herself coloring one of the pages from our Epic Coloring Book. The stream (which you can still watch on her uStream channel) also included Dede walking us through the book, showing the many pages she had already colored in, and discussing her favorite illustrations. Her colored pages looked phenomenal and she had so many kind words to say about our book to her community. The way Dede colors is special because she doodles in her own additions to the illustrations that weren't there before. It's easy to just fill in between the lines, but Dede really interacts with the art and builds on it with her own flair. She adds tattoos, or wind and snow, and other exciting details that I'd never have expected.

Naturally, Dede swept us off our feet! She's a portrait artist who draws a wide range of things from pets to celebrities for commissions. In her free time, she enthusiastically participates in and engages with the online art community. She does a live stream every Monday at 9am (some Wednesdays and Fridays too) in which you can watch her draw or color. The show is called Coffee and Art in the Morning and it’s amazing to see her in action, so give it a look. Below are some more pages from our Epic Coloring Book that Dede worked her magic on. It’s simply enchanting to find how many small details she weaves in to breathe new life into these black and white pages.

doodlers anonymous epic coloring book

doodlers anonymous epic coloring book

doodlers anonymous epic coloring book

doodlers anonymous epic coloring book

doodlers anonymous epic coloring book


  1. Not only is DeDe a wonderful artist; not only does she have one of the best streams I have ever seen; she is also an encourager. DeDe is gifted and shares that gift with friends and stranger. Congratulations DeDe

  2. These are incredible!!!

  3. AMAZING coloring!! The drawings and characters are adorable. Thank you for posting Doodlers Anonymous....we love her work!!

  4. I am sooo proud to know and learn from Dede.. She is a very giving person with passionate artistry skills, that loves her family and friends and coffee! SHE IS PERFECT ENOUGH to me! lol So happy to see her getting the appreciation she so deserves. I\'d follow her anywhere.. she is my artist pied piper.. lol LOVE her work!!!

  5. I am so excited to see Dede Willingham highlighted. She is an awesome artist and a friend to everyone. She has taught me so much . I have been following her for several months now. Its amazing how far I have come. Art is for everyone in her eyes and she makes sure we are confident. Congratulations Dede. you are the BESTEST. loves

  6. awwww, Thanks everyone! I LOVE this Color Book and DA has such inspiration and creativity!

  7. I just discovered Dede last night on You Tube and was amazed, inspired and thoroughly enjoyed all of her vids. That is when I also found about this site and the color book!!! I love her work in this book.

  8. Lovely work!!

  9. Awesome work!! Love all.

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