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Oh my! A Manga-inspired Handdrawn Daily Planner

by Jaanelle Yee 3

Oh my! A Manga-inspired Handdrawn Daily Planner | Doodlers Anonymous

What is it about artists’ diaries that I find so captivating? I used to think I love them because I am a nosy person who likes to snoop on people’s business, but I’ve just been proven wrong. I can hardly read a word from @oharu1205’s instagram account, and yet here I am—scrolling months deep into their daily planner. Last Christmas, Haru Suzuki committed to posting a photo each day of a doodle from their journal and the project is still going strong. The bubbly manga style fills me with a sense of sunshiny optimism from the drawings of what was on the artist’s mind that day. It’s a log of daily life brimming with the colorful exuberance of a doodler who thinks everyday is special, even the ones where it seems like nothing much happened have something worth jotting down and illustrating.

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  1. Stellar work. Absolutely awesome.

  2. love her face

  3. Lovely!! Love so much.

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