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Eerie Pen and Pencil Portraits

by Jaanelle Yee 2

Eerie Pen and Pencil Portraits | Doodlers Anonymous

My thoughts are haunted by these monochrome sketches ever since I first came across them. I can’t get the images of malformed humans with oversized and tangled anatomy out of my mind. This seemingly endless portrait series is drawn with childlike abandon by Daniel Williams. Despite the simplistic, smudgy style, each rough line is drawn with purpose. There are so many of these odd little people that I can’t help admiring the artist’s ability to dream up countless characters with their own story to tell. If I had seen one of these human oddities on their own, I don’t think it would have fascinated me as much as seeing the consistency between every single one of Williams’ huge portfolio of drawings. It’s a mysterious effect that leaves me simultaneously impressed and uneasy.

creepy portraitcreepy portrait

creepy portrait

creepy portrait

creepy portrait


  1. Good work

  2. Inspiring awful work. Thanks a lot. Like these so much.

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