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Drawing On Location

by Jaanelle Yee 4

Drawing On Location | Doodlers Anonymous

Amara Strand is an interior designer and 3D artist who is determined not to lose touch with the non-digital side of her creativity. She carries her small sketchbook around Toronto, and brings a little piece of the local architecture and scenery home with her at the end of the day. Her almost pocket-sized urban sketches are made truly special by Strand’s warm watercolors. Strand said, “I love to see colourful watercolour running, seeing the lines go on my sketchbook and never knowing exactly how the sketch will turn out when it is done. This excites me.” 

I adore the spontaneity of an artist being surprised by her own finished product. The drawings have a rough sketch quality without meticulous detailing, but it’s a good thing to have when you are drawing places and things right in front of you—you won’t get so lost in perfecting the page that you forget to enjoy your cup of coffee.

urban sketching toronto

urban sketching toronto

urban sketching toronto

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  1. Very inspiring work. I enjoy it very much. \r\n\r\n-AJ

  2. Yes, I love this work too!\r\nGary

  3. I really like these pictures. Great work. Great form.

  4. Same to same & so much inspiring art work. Love all.

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