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Diverse Celebrity Sketches of Cult Icons

by Jaanelle Yee 3

Diverse Celebrity Sketches of Cult Icons | Doodlers Anonymous

When you watch something great, it’s hard not to play it over and over in your head. Ryan Humphrey visualizes iconic characters from cult films and TV shows in a style that is uniquely his. From Steve Zissou to Steven Universe, whether it’s familiar faces from the current mainstream or nostalgic icons from oldschool classics, you can tell the artist has a love for the diverse characters he selects. Humphrey’s portraits include minute details that only someone who has watched the source material closely (and multiple times, most likely) would place such significance on. They have a fanboyish playfulness that makes me smile, such as little hearts drawn around Agent Scully— and that her FBI license photos depict her as a Simpson. 

dana scully doodle

The drawings showcase a wide array of styles, the mark of an artist who is constantly exploring himself and trying new things. There’s something so cool about how instead of passively watching media, Humphrey engages it in return. He takes in stories from the screen, and throws his version of it back in his own visual language. 

steve zissou doodle


steven universe doodle

donna meagle doodle

breaking bad doodle

oldboy doodle

the shining doodle

fifth element doodle

spirited away doodle

spock doodle


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