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Monochrome Minimalism

by Jaanelle Yee 2

Monochrome Minimalism | Doodlers Anonymous

Korean artist Daehyun Kim, AKA Moonassi, has mastered the art of elegance in simplicity. His drawings made with pen, marker, and ink are an exploration of his own identity over the years. He says, “There is no specific background or theory about the drawing. Each drawing is created based on my daily thoughts and feelings.” A simple explanation to match his simple art style." The concept of each drawing is something personal to the artist, because only he is aware of what state he was in when he created each piece. We could never know what it’s truly about. Even so, the series does not alienate the rest of us. It’s easier to become immersed and connect with what you’re seeing when you accept that you don’t need to search it for meaning.

black and white doodle

black and white korean art

black and white korean art

black and white korean art

black and white korean art





  1. I absolutely love these, they are amazing!! I love looking at them and trying to imagine what Daehyun Kim was feeling when he made them.

  2. Very strange but beautiful art work. I absolutely L=love your work. Thanks to share with us.

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