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Delicately Drawn Women with Fierce Beasts

by Jaanelle Yee 0

Delicately Drawn Women with Fierce Beasts | Doodlers Anonymous

drawn girl with wolf

The lines Andrea Hrnjak draws are so gentle and light, these images seem to be the definition of ethereal. Glamorous girls in fashion editorial poses caress wild beasts with a softness that casts predators in a loving light. As an animal enthusiast myself, I found these images instantly relatable on a personal level. They visualize a strong connection to the wild, spiritually or emotionally. The women look empowered by their majestic companions too. Just like the animal she intertwines with, each one holds herself with the silent confidence that beautiful beings may also be fierce in their nature. Which animal do you channel your power from?

drawn girl with fox on her head

drawn girl with eagle

drawn girl with owldrawn girl with owl

drawn girl with wolfdrawn girl with horsesiberian husky and pencil drawings


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