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Laura Janey Hodkin: Girls in Her Sketchbook

by Emily Joynton 2

Laura Janey Hodkin: Girls in Her Sketchbook | Doodlers Anonymous

Laura Hodkins and I were two of the twenty-three artists involved the latest Big Scribble project. We drew in the rooms of our dream house, which were then all mashed up with the other artists to build 12 dream house coloring pages. Upon finding more of her work online, I feel that Laura's style is the work of a real, impulsive doodler who can't help but fill up her sketchbook with doodles, random thoughts, and stray lines that may or may not eventually lead to a fleshed-out drawing. I like drawings like these: they aren’t quite happy, they aren't quite sad or scary, but they’re not just emotionless. They're on the verge of being something, and maybe that’s what makes them feel realistic and relatable.

Emily Joynton

I am a freelance illustrator in Miami, specializing in stationery & card design. I recently started the Miami chapter of Taco Bell Drawing Club. When I'm not doodling, eating pizza, or getting a new haircut, you'll usually find me rollerskating or reading.


  1. It is amazing how those sketches reminds me the style of Daisy Zuo! I love them both.

  2. Love your artwork as always.

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