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Magical Doodle Vines

by Jaanelle Yee 5

Magical Doodle Vines | Doodlers Anonymous

Like a song I could listen to over and over, I’m stuck watching Pinot’s vines on repeat. This Indonesian artist’s channel is full of speedy process videos that are are an absolute delight to watch. It’s more than just watching him draw, though. Pinot always starts from scratch, beginning with a blank paper and telling fun visual stories along the way. Many incorporate elements from the world around the paper, making doodles that literally come off the page. It's amazing to think of how challenging it must be to not only draw and record these concepts, but to have only a few seconds to execute them. Each one is like watching a magic illusion unfolding before your very eyes!


  1. Love these! So much creativity!!

  2. I love the amount of creativity in all of your artwork. I have been learning about world art so it is interesting to see a modern take. My favorite pieces were where you took everyday items and turned them into art. Specifically the woman\'s face made from spilt coffee was extremly creative. I also enjoyed your videos that show people exactly how you made your pieces.

  3. I must say I am so excited to have found this website. There is so much creativity that I can relate to and see the vision with everyday substances we come across. The spilt coffee is an absolute must to use as a base for your all so creative artwork! I love the connection you have created with a natural everyday spilt occurance! Amazing and very beautiful by the way!!! I love it and will now be forever reminded to never cry over spilt..

  4. I like them very much, amixture of drawings and videos !\r\nFriendly greetings from Vienna/Austria !

  5. All are inveigle me. So beautiful and funny.

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