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Giveaway: Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman

by OKAT 137

Giveaway: Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman | Doodlers Anonymous

If you don't know the work of Julia Rothman, you better get to it. I've been a fan of her work for as long as I can remember, from her lovely hand-drawn patterns to her sketchbook pages of intricate drawn buildings. She's also authored and illustrated some of my favorite books, like Drawn In and Hello NY. And now she's released another book to rival all the others.

Nature Anatomy is 224 pages of hand-drawn goodness and features tons of drawings, diagrams, and dissections from the natural world. Julia takes us on a visual tour of trees, birds, insects, animals, wildflowers, ecosystems, and so much more.

You'll want this book and we've got one to giveaway. To be in the running, just leave a comment on this blog post with your single favorite thing to draw from nature. We'll pick a random winner from the hat. Comments close July 6th (Monday) at 11am Eastern. Good luck everyone... and for those of you that can't wait, you can get your hands on the book today on Amazon.

UPDATE: We have a winner! We randomly pulled a name from the hat and... congrats to Catharine Mi-Sook! Your copy of the book will be mailed out this week. Enjoy and thank you all for participating.


  1. My favorite thing to draw from the nature are birds, all sizes and colors

  2. Love mushrooms and cacti.

  3. Dogwood flowers. I can\'t explain it, but they show up when I\'m thinking about deciding what to draw. Since I doodle them often, I make sure to go back and draw them from nature when the season\'s right, to ensure I\'m getting the details right the rest of the time!

  4. Flowers!

  5. Mushrooms and leaves! Practicing flowers but they\'re so hard!!! :)

  6. Ooh my favourite things to draw from nature are definitely animals and drawing them! Though I\'d love to get better at drawing flowers and other plants.

  7. i love to draw leaves. i love leaf shapes. they are all so different and plentiful. never run out of variety and i can be as abstract or detailed as i like.

  8. Trees and flowers are my favorite things to draw from nature!

  9. OMBG. And TREES!

  10. Trees, flowers, and leaves are what I find myself drawing the most from nature.

  11. I draw a lot of sunflowers because they are my 4 year old\'s favorite!

  12. insects and stones. simple. but i like it

  13. I absolutely love drawing trees! Trees are fairly easy to draw. For people slowly trying to get comfortable with drawing real-life objects (i.e. me), it is the perfect subject to practice with. I also love having the option to play around with the shapes and movements of the branches to incorporate them into my abstract, doodle-esque style.

  14. i\'m too obsessed with human anatomy - and we\'re all natural right? the hands and faces, the things we see all the time, and the things we see a little less often are a lot of fun to doodle too!

  15. Mushrooms, birds, butterflies, fish.

  16. i can\'t stop doodling ponies. i am 35 years old and i draw ponies with the enthusiasm of a 8 year old girl. ponies running. ponies sleeping. ponies reading books. ponies scuba diving. lots and lots of ponies.

  17. Definitely leaves and cactus!

  18. I LOVE do draw trees! And my elementary school age students say that I am very good at it. :)

  19. Flowers seem to generally be my favorite. Although bacteria can be fun too (to draw).

  20. I love to draw flowers.

  21. Bees!

  22. Trees - I love trees. Trees and hands.


  24. I love drawing tree scars!

  25. I love to draw the sky and insects!

  26. Birds!

  27. My favorite drawing inspiration is flowers; zinnias, clematis, lilacs, and more.

  28. I like drawing flowers, especially from the perspective of morning light.

  29. I love Julia Rothman! She\'s one of my favorite illustrators and I happen to have her HELLO NEW YORK and FARM ANATOMY books =D. I love to draw insects

  30. I love to draw trees, mushrooms and fish.

  31. I study architecture and I am obsessed with nature! I love drawing how nature starts invading the city with time. Also I like how vegetation looks when it\'s backlit, it gives place for unimaginable patterns and silhouettes!

  32. What isn\'t fun to draw from nature! :) I love doing trees and flowers. Birds too. There\'s so many amazing colors, shapes and lines to work with just by walking out the door. I live out in the country and will often take my sketchbook with me on walks.

  33. Trees! (and rats ;)

  34. Flowers and cats

  35. It\'s gotta be trees. Drawing trees is super gratifying. They have structure and create their own setting from ground to sky. There\'s so much you can tweak and experiment with and in the end, chances are it will still look like a recognizable tree. Love \'em.

  36. Favorites: Pine trees, mountains, and streams. I guess it\'s the Arkansas in me!

  37. Animals like foxes, cats and squirrels :)

  38. Buffalo!

  39. Definitely roots. From loose roots to sturdy ones, there\'s something beautiful about how they branch out and tether the rest of their body to the earth, merging plant and ground. Mentally, I like the concept of the support roots provide, and physically, the intricate and unique design of roots and their paths, how they delve under and overground, attract me :) I love drawing them

  40. Drawing flowers,trees, Suns and any other natural beauty!!!

  41. Insects are my favourite things to draw. There is such an incredible variety of lines and shapes and textures even in just one bug. Plus, the view changes so dramatically for both macro and micro doodles. Then, when you\'re done with drawing a bug, it\'s heaps of fun to just put one on the paper and trace where it walks.

  42. My favorite thing to draw are geometric and abstract shapes, maybe because I\'m a very amateur doodler :)

  43. my favourite thing to draw from nature would definitely be a deer! :) there is a deer hiding in every second work of mine. But I also like to draw insects and birds :)

  44. That\'s easy, birds!

  45. Nature is the best thing to draw from, my favorite thing would have to be the trees, any kind, the bigger the better. All the life they can carry and all the presence and inspiration they bring to the game. It\'s everything.

  46. Snails are my favorite.little ,slow moving snails.

  47. I love to draw moths and I\'m actually going to base my degree show exhibition work on natural selection so this book would be amazing to have!

  48. Trees! When I doodle it\'s often trees. I love roots, but I\'m not very good at them. Doesn\'t stop me, though.

  49. definitely insects!

  50. My favorite thing to draw from nature are shells; there is something elusive but infinitely engaging about the sometimes smooth, sometimes jagged home, a hiding spot from a world trying to do you in, where the geometry of the ideal comes under the forces of actual nature, producing a myriad array of imperfections, of \'almost geometry.\' I would doodle them all day, if I could.

  51. Leaves ^.^

  52. Roses! Achieving the depth of the petals and the overall gesture is always a challenge :)

  53. Draw flowers and leafs

  54. Leaves!!! Is bad : ) theres so many shapes, sizes and colors\r\nI just love it!

  55. bird skeletons and feathers :D

  56. leaves and branches :)

  57. Leaves! Without a doubt

  58. I love to doodle flowers, birds, and paisley patterns.

  59. This looks completely amazing!! For the longest time, I have been noticing and admiring the shapes of various trees when I travel and wish to take time to sketch them. I would love to get a book like this for inspiration!!

  60. Butterflies!! as they are always flying around the garden outside my bedroom window..

  61. The skeletons of anything and everything: birds, possums, bats, groundhogs. Also owl pellets, turtles, and light on water.

  62. I love drawing mushrooms and tree trunks. They look so alien.

  63. My favorite thing to draw from the nature are dogs and flovers.

  64. I love drawing all things from nature but I am drawn to drawing trees...sometimes with human faces in the trunks.

  65. My fav\' thing to doodle has got to be feathers!\r\nThey\'re so intricate and diverse :)

  66. I love drawing things that wander... branches, footprints, fur and hair strands, water. This book would help me out a lot. :)

  67. Love to doodle groovy daisies.

  68. I really enjoyed to do a quick sketch of three different barks from three different tree species. I loved to focus on the distinguishing details of the small areas that i used as sample

  69. Trees!

  70. Birds!

  71. I love to draw anything nature inspired as long as I can find the pattern in it or some ludicrous intricate detail that no one else sees! What a great book this is!!

  72. My favorite things to draw from nature are dried flowers and newly opened blossoms :)

  73. love to draw snails and fruits and snails on fruits ;)

  74. Diatoms! But I love drawing everything in nature. Im especially influenced by entropy and the conflict between man and the rest of nature.

  75. Flowers, because of their symmetry and beauty, and trees, because of their wide array of amazing variations: bark, branch patterns, leaves, needles!

  76. Flowers, because of their symmetry and beauty, and trees, because of their wide array of amazing variations: bark, branch patterns, leaves, needles!

  77. Flowers, because of their symmetry and beauty, and trees, because of their wide array of amazing variations: bark, branch patterns, leaves, needles!

  78. Butterflies and moths. They are beautiful and peculiar creatures with an awesome lifecycle!

  79. Flowers :)

  80. Leaves! Trees!

  81. Insects and crystals! :D

  82. Leaves, flowers and butterflies.

  83. Canines, something about their snout and eyes that has power.

  84. Leaves, insects, flowers, Architecture and cacti.

  85. i really like to draw stags and as well flowers because they are very beutiful

  86. insects, flowers, trees and so much more

  87. Succulents are the best!, I love to draw them :)

  88. Snails. Im always drawing doodling snails. Hi from Argentina!

  89. fish!

  90. trees. leaves. sometimes flowers.

  91. Peonies, Chrysanthemum\'s, Black Eyed Susanne\'s, Bee\'s, Beetles, Swallowtails, American Goldfinches, Kingfishers, Clownfish and Spiders :)

  92. My favorite thing to draw in nature are ferns.

  93. beautiful birds around me- sparrows and mourning doves :)

  94. Trees! I love to draw trees!

  95. I like to draw bugs

  96. Oh my gosh, how to pick a favorite?! Seals and rivere otters are fun! Flowers & feathers too!

  97. I love the animals and beasts of nature.

  98. Bananas

  99. sunflowers or daisies. flowers are so instinctual when it comes to my work.

  100. Dragonflies all the way! :) Love them!

  101. In my country El Salvador we have a lot of fauna and flora so every day I like to take a walk and appreciate all the different kind of texture ,learn about the colors ,sizes flowers have,Is always like magic to capture every detail in a paper so to me a like to draw every kind of flowers and leaves :)

  102. sunflowers!

  103. every season.

  104. I used to draw trees a lot. Now more flowers. \r\nThank you for the chance.

  105. Can\'t beat drawing flowers for me :)

  106. I draw a lot of the crooked legs of dogs.

  107. My favorite thing to draw from the nature are flowers, plants and birds!

  108. I love drawing mushrooms! cute little mushrooms! :D

  109. Flowers and bunnies!!!! :D

  110. leaves :)

  111. so happy if can get this book   ,, i am beginner and love to learn all new things , this is so inspire me\r\nFlowerss and plant super love ! nature

  112. The clouds and trees! I like how you can experiment with their shapes and forms.

  113. I would love this book. I love drawing and sketching. learning new techniques.

  114. Suculenta in beautiful pots, definetly :)

  115. I love to draw landscapes, full with secret forests and animals in their daily life and where birds fly between the clouds or rest near by a river or a tree branch. :)

  116. It\'s definitely cloudy sky and flowers details

  117. I love to draw animals and flowers ^_^

  118. a single thing? whoa, I tend to go for moles ;), those are cute.

  119. Sheep =w=

  120. I love to draw trees! :)

  121. I like to draw places where smaller branches enter the bigger branches.

  122. Horses!

  123. Negative space.

  124. I love drawing my hand... it is all natural.. I can sit in meetings and sketch my hand... I also love drawing flowers and leaves.

  125. I like to draw random plants with different leafs and shapes.

  126. I love drawing tree bark and moss. Thank you for the chance!

  127. I like leaves! Sometimes I also like drawing the texture of a tree on different shapes

  128. This week I\'m drawing small flowering weeds found in my backyard.

  129. I like to draw snails

  130. Vegetation, it\'s one of things that can lead me into limbo while doodling XD

  131. elephants, birds, deers and seahorses!!

  132. Before I know it, I am drawing flowers... I guess it just happens and then when I want to draw, consciously I pick flowers too! Even if the flower is nothing like any of the existinh ones I just like to draw them

  133. Before I know it, I am drawing flowers... I guess it just happens and then when I want to draw, consciously I pick flowers too! Even if the flower is nothing like any of the existing ones I just like to draw them...

  134. He he he he he he he he dead tree, dead flower, dead bird, dead deer so give me that book or you will die e he he he

  135. Trees!

  136. Rainbows

  137. I love to sketch and paint flowers - but more specifically roses!!!!

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