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More Illustrated Travel Journals: Анастасия Кардашова

by Emily Joynton 3

More Illustrated Travel Journals: Анастасия Кардашова | Doodlers Anonymous

This weekend, I experimented with a set of Prismacolor markers I received as a gift several months ago. My experience inspired me to look for more work in the same vein, and in my search I discovered the diverse portfolio of Анастасия Кардашова. I encourage you to scroll through her Instagram for examples of all kind of different imagery, mediums, and styles.

But for this post, I want to focus on the illustrated travel journal she created from a trip to Venice. I’m now able to relate to the process of working with markers, and I’m fascinated by how the colors are applied in these sketches. The irreversible strokes of markers made me very cautious about where to place my own strokes, afraid that I would make them too wide, too saturated, etc. Анастасия employs a style of layering vertical strokes to create a really interesting and effective way to apply color without just solidly filling an entire space. I also like her selective choice of white space. When viewing this journal I feel like Анастасия is telling me about her trip, and as she proceeds with the descriptions, the color creeps in. Not every moment of the trip is explained in detail, and therefore suggested in the negative spaces.


  1. Glorious color and shading. Love the chair on the roof detail

  2. Amazing colors! So joyful and full of energy! I\'ve just started my own holiday diary on my blog with #weekendsketches, but untile this travel journal I was doodling only monochrome. Since now I feel like I need to incprporate colors! Cause it\'s all about holidays, great memories and having fun, isn\'t it?

  3. I like your style!!

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