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A Monochrome Moleskine

by Jaanelle Yee 0

A Monochrome Moleskine | Doodlers Anonymous

I am captivated by Vahid’s marvelous monochrome moleskine. It was no surprise for me to read that his illustration experience includes some projects in animation and cartooning, because the artist’s passion for it bleeds through into his sketchbook. My first impression of several drawings was that they seemed like paused frames in the middle of a movement. The boldness and simplicity of his illustrations, along with a story they seem to be suggesting, evoke ancient black-figure paintings with a modern spin. It’s a cool combination of sharp angles and soft curves creating fascinating figures that prove you don’t need color to breathe life into a sketch.

black and white sketchbook

black and white sketchbook dogs on leash barking

woman with spear and fish

crowd of people

mermaid with trident

black and white woman


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