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Ola Szpunar: Summer Sunlight

by Emily Joynton 2

Ola Szpunar: Summer Sunlight | Doodlers Anonymous

I recently returned from a trip to Texas where the days were unexpectedly filled with clouds, rain, and chilly temperatures. When I saw Ola Szpunar's "Summer" series, the images matched what I had thought my trip would look like: scenes of warm, sun-drenched indoor and outdoor settings. You cannot feel any other season besides summer when observing these pictures, not only from the sunny glow emanating from each scene. I see myself as the girl standing near the sink in a bikini top and black pants, coming in from the pool to take a break from the sun.

There's a balcony in my small Texan hometown just like the one shown here that overlooks the (significantly less urban) downtown area. You can feel how still the warm summer air is.

Our cat used to stretch out in the late afternoon sun shining through the glass panes on our French doors, just like the one in these images.

Ola has a way with rendering light, really capturing the warmth of a summer sun. The color palette reminds me of the juicy, bright colors of the ice pops ubiquitous on a summer afternoon. The images are beautifully crafted, and invite the viewer to not only see summer in the images, but to feel it as well.


  1. Amazing!

  2. I love love love this! Your style is great!

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