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Drawn Expressions on Wood

by Jaanelle Yee 3

Drawn Expressions on Wood | Doodlers Anonymous

“A wooden expression” usually describes someone’s face as flat or stoic, but these wooden girls are expressing themselves much more shamelessly than that. Lantomo is an Italian artist with quite the collection of intriguing individuals populating her world of pencil and paint on wood. So many of these portraits look like a snapshot taken during a moment of strange emotion. Each girl almost appears animated, practically coming alive with her intense expressions. Lantomo says her drawings are “a diary of characters caught in the flat surface on which they are created, trying to get free.” Emotions are fleeting, so it feels special to see those split moments of raw feelings captured so evocatively.

girl on wood art

girl on wood

girl on wood with dog

girl on wood

girl on wood


  1. Love the work! check out my website and let me know what you think!\r\n\r\

  2. these are so expressive! Good work!

  3. Great works

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