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Elena Chetverik: Hide and Seek

by Emily Joynton 0

Elena Chetverik: Hide and Seek | Doodlers Anonymous

I have to let my emotions get the better of me on this post: I LOVE this series. I don’t understand everything that is going on in this game of hide and seek, I don’t know what happens when each character is found. Why are they wearing animal masks? In what kind of world does this take place? The viewer is left to either answer these questions, or leave them unanswered.

There’s a balance between beautifully illustrating a scene and telling a story. This series by Elena Chetverik allows the two to meet in the middle. The story exists but is not defined. The people are over-large, awkwardly positioned, the setting rough and unfinished and yet both have more character than had they been drawn down to the last detail. Elena’s style is so much her own: her shading haphazard, her lines imperfect. I love it all.

Emily Joynton

I am a freelance illustrator in Miami, specializing in stationery & card design. I recently started the Miami chapter of Taco Bell Drawing Club. When I'm not doodling, eating pizza, or getting a new haircut, you'll usually find me rollerskating or reading.


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