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Javier Ordaz: Women in Black

by Emily Joynton 3

Javier Ordaz: Women in Black | Doodlers Anonymous

Javier's Instagram and website are filled with black & white sumi ink illustrations painted with a thick brush. The bold strokes and deepness of the black makes the images feel as if the ink is still wet on the page. Many of his images have a dark, slightly sinister feel to them, but a series of portraits caught my eye. Javier has painted a series of women in loving detail while still maintaining his gestural, loose style. The series makes me wonder who these women are, and what part they played in Javier's life.

I wish I knew more about the paper Javier is using for a few of these portraits. The use of materials readily available - whether adequate for the medium or not – is part of the charm of sketches like these: the drawings are beautifully crafted, and not only restricted to the best of materials. These particular images of women on scrap paper feel as though Javier just HAD to paint them, whether he was in class, a meeting, or anywhere – he had to put record this face.

Javier Ordaz black and white ink drawing

Javier Ordaz black and white ink drawing

Javier Ordaz black and white ink drawing


  1. I love this

  2. I love the work!!! Check out mine. Were an art-driven non profit whose purpose is to enrich the lives of others by providing them with creative experiences in their own backyard!

  3. Simply beautiful. Love them all!

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