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Coloring Book Interview Series, #15: Nigel Sussman

by Jaanelle Yee 0

Coloring Book Interview Series, #15: Nigel Sussman | Doodlers Anonymous

Let's talk about Nigel Sussman. Most of his art is equal parts mechanical and wacky, a combination that never fails to amuse me. His drawings can seem like an overload of details at first glance, but once your eyes start following the assembly line of industrial parts you’ll see how fun the flow can be. Read on to find what Nigel has to say about his fantastic artwork AND see how he colored in his own page from our third volume.

DA: Hey there, Nigel, it’s nice to talk to you. How long has art been your thing?

NS: Good to talk to you too! I did study illustration in college, but immediately out of school I started working in design and advertising, as that was where I was able to find a good, steady salary. I always did art on the side, and tried to incorporate it into my day-job as much as possible, but I have been really trying to make it a profession the last 2 - 3 years. Only recently do I feel like I’m actually doing illustration full time.

DA: Your work is full of so many details all interwoven with each other. Where do you even start?

NS: It really depends on the project, but 9 out of ten times it is somewhere in the center, and then it grows organically, outwards.

DA: I feel like I would get the urge to keep building those fun little details forever. Do you get carried away adding more and more into your drawings?

NS: Actually, I have the exact opposite problem. I work pretty fast, and can finish a drawing (depending on colors, etc) within a few hours. One of the hardest things I had to overcome earlier in my training was the urge to stop too soon. I would get the drawing to the point where it looked pretty awesome, and I would just call it done and move on to the next, going for the quick gratification rather than really honing the craft. There is lots of cartoon and street art were minimalism looks amazing, but I think my style became much better when I realized that putting in the extra care after it is "good enough" is what will take it to the next level.

DA: A ton of your drawings look like high-power machines for weird purposes, like something from a comic book laboratory. What would you pick as your power if you could have one?

NS: If I could choose a superpower, I think I would go for something more cerebral rather than action/strength based. I am only one person, so flying etc can only help so much. A Professor X style mind control ability would allow the me to convince angry/selfish people to bechange their minds and possibly make the world a better place, as well as talk myself into a lot of free stuff.

DA: Did you color in your own illustration in our Coloring Book Volume 3 yet?

NS: Yes! Used some micron and gellyroll pens that @ SakuraOfAmerica sent me!

DA: Damn, that's awesome! To keep up with Nigel's work, you should stalk him on instagram or check out his website.


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