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Mitchell Goodrich: Seen at Miami Zine Fair

by Emily Joynton 2

Mitchell Goodrich: Seen at Miami Zine Fair | Doodlers Anonymous

While squeezing through the narrow aisles of the recent Miami Zine Fair, I came across Mitchell Goodrich and his work at a small but very neat table. His defined style immediately drew me in as something familiar but still unique.

The doodled objects float in space like points in a conversation: all connected by a theme but not uttered in a required order, just waiting for their turn to become relevant. Mitchell expertly captures what is so whimsical and wonderful about doodling, but also how it can be more than a mindless pastime. His work was a standout at the zine fest, the monochromatic drawings lending themselves perfectly to photocopied pages of a hand-bound book.

Mitchell moves easily from monochromatic to pieces energized by color and more cohesive design. Long Dog and End of a Summer Bummer are beautifully colored examples of how his style can transition from simple black doodles to fluid imagery chock-full of action and cohesive hilarity.


  1. Definitely a fan of this work! This style is so simplistic yet so bold and creative. The stamp like feel of the work is amazing. The artist should do skateboard graphics, i know i would buy one for my wall! would love to see more post of this work and other crazy screen print style work!

  2. I love the work!!! Check out mine. Were an art-driven non profit whose purpose is to enrich the lives of others by providing them with creative experiences in their own backyard!

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