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Serial Doodling

by OKAT 7

Serial Doodling | Doodlers Anonymous

I began following Eric von Boxtel on Instagram a few months ago, when his layered and full-colored doodles popped up on my feed. They instantly caught my attention because there's probably nothing I like more than thick black doodled lines over a backdrop of color. It looks easy, it looks like a mish mash of a mess, like a kid who might have gotten away with a box of markers, but it's not at all the case.

These scribbles and shapes of color are intentional and come together so perfectly. I love looking at each spread, trying to find something new or to figure what he's drawn first on the page. If you want to be mesmerized for a full minute and forty-five seconds, watch this time-lapse video.


  1. great

  2. super cool and inspiring art!

  3. Really cool art work! I really like all of the colors and contrast that comes with it. The duck piece was by far my favorite. I like how when you draw the cats in the inner city they are bright and exciting rather than suburban cat that is black and filled with \"bad luck\". Great work! Keep it up!

  4. THIS IS SOOOOOOO COOL AND FUNKY! this has inspired me a lot in my doodles!

  5. I love the work!!! Check out mine. Were an art-driven non profit whose purpose is to enrich the lives of others by providing them with creative experiences in their own backyard!

  6. I love your work very inspirational. Can I ask what pen you are using in your video??

  7. Love it!

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