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Watching Over You

by Jaanelle Yee 2

Watching Over You | Doodlers Anonymous

Who are these giant creatures looming over towns and forests in the night? They are some of the odd and playful creations from Matt Forsythe's illustrations. Forsythe has done some seriously cool work in comics and on a show called Adventure Time (maybe you’ve heard of it). I love these wondrous delights he has been posting recently on his blog... Dream-like environments with melancholic colors and tons of whimsically serene little details surrounding the mysterious giants.


  1. I am a big fan of matt forsythe! his work on adventure time is a amazing and he has such a unique drawing style. He is so good at capturing emotion on his characters in the most simple ways.I love how the characters in these paintings blend in yet stick out at the same time. always love to see some forsythe work.

  2. Great style, I wonder what the size of these are?

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