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Kate Gavino's Drawings of Readings

by Jaanelle Yee 1

Kate Gavino's Drawings of Readings | Doodlers Anonymous

Quotes are a powerful force. Reading the right ones can change your entire perspective on life, love, and other big deals. Weird to think that a few words can have that effect! Kate Gavino is a New Yorker who goes to book readings regularly, and isn’t satisfied with just tweeting a good quote when she hears it. In her prolific Last Night’s Reading series, she sketches portraits of the authors while she is at their reading, alongside a favorite quote from the night. It’s the perfect marriage of her passions for art literature! So many of these are inspiring and thought-provoking… I think I’ve just been convinced to start checking out book readings around me.


  1. Absolutely stunning...i\'m blown away by all the gorgeousness and sweet details! i\'m so glad to see these. Specially the last second one attract me much.

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