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April Spooks

by Jaanelle Yee 6

April Spooks | Doodlers Anonymous

I never wait until October to enjoy a good dose of spooky. This Italian artist's sketchbook is a small town of goofy monsters, all drawn in sepia pen. The bizarre creatures Paride Bertolin dreams up are scary in design, but the darkness became lighthearted after I noticed their awkward and playful expressions. I find it so endearing to see them looking gawky and stiff, like nervous new acquaintances or someone who hates having their picture taken. If the quirky and the macabre are right up your alley, go look at Bertolin’s sketchbook right now!


  1. good stuff!

  2. Whoa, i love them.

  3. nice

  4. These are really good, and very skillfully drawn.

  5. These are such great sketches! the elongated style is one of my favorite styles of doodling. it shows such great contrast between the legs and upper body of the monster. as if to say that monsters have weak spots as well! shows a great ability to execute whatever is on the mind at the time of sketching!

  6. Amazing idea!!

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