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Pop Up Art

by Jaanelle Yee 5

Pop Up Art | Doodlers Anonymous

This sketchbook is so action-packed that some of the pages are literally popping out at me! Dominic Damien uses inventive combinations of ink, pencil, watercolor and acrylic meshed with comic book clippings. These elements of collage are so deftly integrated into Damien’s bold, striking art style that at first I did not realize they weren’t drawn in. Photos of his expansive moleskine art also include helpful closeups that bring a microscope up to the best details and textures that you miss while looking at the big picture.


  1. Amazing art...\r\nsharing my works -

  2. Love this so much!

  3. this is really cool, and bold, and and I don\'t know, I love it

  4. Out of this world!! love the flow of lines and colours here...\r\nPlease do check out my doodles too!\r\n\r\nSharing it here\r\n\r\n

  5. Love this!

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