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by OKAT 1

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Since launching our open call last week, we've been in quite the robot mood. And it seems it's not just us who have got the bug. Our good friends over at the Sktchy app challenged their users over the weekend to transform their community's photo portraits into their robot counterparts, and the results are simply awesome.

Above by Vin Ganapathy, below by Ryan M

For those of you unaware, Sktchy is a really great mobile app that encourages you to draw everyday by delivering inspiring photo portraits for you to render in your own unique style. I've been a fan since its launch. Here are some of my favorite from this past weekend...

Created by Erik Orozco

Created by Charlotte Hamilton

Created by Marleen van de Velde

Created by Chantal v

On a side note, our robot open call is still running, participate before it's too late.


  1. I love the feel behind these. it seems to me that it is showing the faults of society today. how everyone follows what they are supposed to. the population is robots, in human skin. as if we are programmed to do as we are taught at a young age. there is definitely deep meaning behind these and would love to hear what provoked these drawings.

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