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Leave a Little Mystery

by Jaanelle Yee 4

Leave a Little Mystery | Doodlers Anonymous

I found a peculiar art blog with almost no details on the doodler responsible for it. O4YA draws characters that seem like personified emotions. Sometimes childlike and other times creepy (or occasionally both), almost every illustration seems like a prompt for a story. The details in the drawings are specific enough to spark curiosity, but not enough to answer my questions.


  1. It is a cute sharing we found here, tks for them\r\

  2. I just found this community and it\'s refreshing to see everybody\'s voice and style in these entries. I really like this style here. Trying endlessly to find my own.. :)\r\n\r\nLouise\r\n

  3. Very thought-provoking work here. I love that so many things can be read from one picture.

  4. I agree with the statement of these pieces being very thought provoking. The style of these is so nice. It makes you want to dive into the artists head to see what they were thinking while working. there is alot left to think about for the viewer and so much emotion that is put into these. You may think you can read the pieces yet find yourself seeing something else a few minutes later.

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