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Coloring Book Interview Series, #12: Muxxi

by Jaanelle Yee 0

Coloring Book Interview Series, #12: Muxxi | Doodlers Anonymous

Who are these strange little party animals? They're Muxxi's saccharine circus of colorful creatures inviting you to come play. Her illustration in our 4th Coloring Book is one of those pages that takes you by surprise as you're flipping through the book, especially if you aren't expecting a coloring page to be made of mostly black (I wasn't).

I poked her with a few curiosities about her friends with funny faces and candy colors, so come read the interview and join the festivities.

DA: Hey, Muxxi. What's up?

M: Everything cool, working on some commissions and of course personal projects to keep the inspiration flowing.

DA: Your characters are pretty wild—in a good way. Can you tell me about them?

M: My characters are like my best friends, I just have to imagine how this friend should be and then it just comes alive. I'm always thinking and imagining creatures and drawing them, this way more and more ideas come to me.

DA: Is there one of your friends that you like more than the others?

This is Moowi, he is definitely my favorite.

DA: I read that you are from Guatemala City. What's the art scene like?

M: The art scene in my country is definitely growing and growing and is something awesome to see! I have to say that my influence is a mix of cultures and things I love, but definitely there are bits of influence from things like nature, colours, people and other stuff I see around me.

DA: On the topic of your influences, is there a particular inspiration behind your page in our Coloring Book, Volume 4?

M: When I was a child I always thought that when everybody was asleep, strange creatures visited us. These creatures came from a place where the world ends and the clouds are born. This is how this page came alive.

DA: Very whimsical, that definitely suits your atmosphere. Have you colored it in?

M: See for yourself!

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