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She Will Paint on ANYTHING

by Jaanelle Yee 3

She Will Paint on ANYTHING | Doodlers Anonymous

The people of Portugal who have the chance to see this street artist's work while they go about their daily business are so lucky. Her name is Vanessa Teodoro, also known as Supervan, and she will paint on anything. Cars, bodies, furniture, gigantic sunglasses–Seriously anything.

My personal favorite is her project titled "Mi Querida Casa," in which she created a real life drawn house environment where the furniture looks like doodles. Once she gets going, Teodoro wastes no space on whichever unusual surface she chooses to draw on. Every inch of her work has something crammed into it, making it hard for me to decide where to look first when a ton of striking images are demanding my attention at once. There's so much movement in her murals that I keep finding some witty little details tucked away in the crowd of her art that I skipped over at first glance. It's the kind of art you can just sit back and stare at while you sip your drink.


  1. The project \"Mi Querida Casa\" is my favourite one I would like to have whole room in this style!

  2. Yay! :) thanks

  3. All are beautiful, but i like most the car drawing. Thank you to share your talent with us.

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