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Coloring Book Interview Series, #11: Ana Sebastián

by Jaanelle Yee 0

Coloring Book Interview Series, #11: Ana Sebastián | Doodlers Anonymous

There's a certain cat-loving illustrator from Madrid that I want to introduce you to. She's got a super cool drawing of a fascinatingly strange man published in our Coloring Book Volume 4, just one of a huge variety of odd and unusual characters she has created. Doodlers, meet Ana Sebastián.

DA: Nice to meet you, Ana. What are you up to lately?

AS: Hello everyone! How are you? Well, now I'm studying a master's degree in digital illustration for concept art and visual development. The animation world fascinates me and I'm trying to improve everyday. Meanwhile I'm working as freelance illustrator for any type of request. My last work has been an illustration for a logo, I worked in this project in collaboration with a design studio. My cat is always helping in this process, of course.

DA: Time to get to know you. What can’t you live without?

AS: First of all, my cat, Penny Lane. Coffee as food. A hobby I couldn't live without is "my computer + Wacom + music." And spending the weekends off with my friends.

DA: What is your earliest memory of a drawing you made?

AS: My first memory of drawing is in kindergarten. There was a little drawing contest and I won the first prize. I still have the original at home, and it's horrible. Maybe that gave me wings.

DA: Where do you search for ideas on what to draw next?

AS: Usually I find inspiration in movies or photography. I feel the need to draw many of the scenes and characters, particularly the strangest ones, those who have something special. The strangest characters or the most particular are those who I think have a very deep and and interesting personality.

DA: Are there any specific times or places that feel more productive for your doodling than others?

AS: I always get the best results at night, before going to bed. Or first thing in the morning, when I just woke up. (With lots of coffee.) I am a person of opposites... And always in my room. I'm not very good at drawing on the street, although I always would have loved to. But I'm too shy about my doodles.... Shit...

DA: Aw, at least you weren't too shy to submit your drawing to our Coloring Book Volume 4's open call for illustrations. What's your guy’s story anyway? We love him because he looks so far out there.

AS: His name is Patrick and he's a little strange. But like everyone else. I imagined him while I was walking around the street. He loves tattoos, unicorns and Marie biscuits. He reads a lot and always seems to be stuck in his own thoughts. But he is the happiest person you could ever know. Someday, I'm gonna draw his lovely girlfriend.

DA: He's such a fantastic character! It's great to have these odd facts to add another dimension to him. Would you show me how you colored him in?

AS: I hope you like it!!

DA: He's great, the tattoos look like they are especially fun to color in. Come see more of Ana Sebastian's kooky characters on her website!


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