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There's Something About These Drawn Girls

by Jaanelle Yee 5

There's Something About These Drawn Girls | Doodlers Anonymous

There's something about these girls. They are calm and composed, not a hair out of place-except sometimes their entire head is misplaced. These black and white scenes are drawn with only pencil and pen, always in a way that is strange and creepy without ever reaching gruesome. Her girls look so peaceful in their settings that it sometimes took me a moment to notice the one surreal detail that is off about the image. Visit Virginia Mori's blog to peak into more of her unsettling world.


  1. beautiful^_^

  2. These are incredible! Reminds me of Edward Gorey\'s work.

  3. Reminds me of Emily Strange

  4. wow these are cool, i like that each kind of have a deeper meaning if you think about it

  5. These are awesome!

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