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Inky Blue Universe

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Inky Blue Universe | Doodlers Anonymous

A couple of months ago I was exploring the artist alley of a comic convention here in Miami, and that's where I spotted local artist Wenjuice's booth. When I came up close to her blue pen ink doodles, I was already thinking that her drawings look spontaneous and laid back with a good dose of kooky - exactly how we like it here at DA. We chatted a bit and I ended up asking her some stuff about her art over email, so here's a quick surprise interview with Wen-Ju Chien.

DA: What do you think of the art scene in Miami, Wen-Ju? WJ: There's a lot of diversity in style, which is what I love, and the art scene is pretty chill I would say, not as competitive and fast paced as New York or California. DA: Do pieces of our city make it into your doodles sometimes? WJ: In some of my drawings, I do draw some trees and water representing Miami to pay tribute of where I live. I have also drawn my own depictions of some places I have lived at in Miami, such as a friend's living room, dorm rooms, and yards, for example. I usually draw characters and their environments based on friends, people I've met, movies, personal experiences and feelings. It is pretty therapeutic because I get to draw out my feelings, and it is also a way for me to thank my friends for being in my life. DA: How did wenjuice start out and where did the name wenjuice come from in the first place? WJ: I decided to go with "wenjuice" as the name of my artwork because I wanted something that is easy for people to remember and was available on social media. Also, if people do not remember my name, it is in the name of the brand. I started off with using ink pens on paper, then experimented with markers on canvas, mugs, magnets, and other materials. I made little sculptures using Sculpey, stickers, and designed crop tops. I usually sell artwork at Wynwood Artwalk, FATVillage Artwork, El Mini Market, little shows, and just started doing Conventions such as Supercon and Animate! Miami. DA: Your little poop art is my favorite, by the way. Sometimes I draw little poop characters because they make people laugh. The idea of the poop character came from the coloring book that my former classmates and professor and I collaborated on for kids with cancer at Miami Children's Hospital in 2012. I was in charge of drawing the cancer cells and few other characters, including Stooly, which is a stool sample. I drew it as a stool with a mustache sitting on a stool. One of the kids loved the character so much she asked us to make her a sculpture. When we did and gave it to her, she was really thankful and cried. Seeing how a character could make someone feel a certain way, I decided to continue to draw the character but in humorous, funny, and silly ways. DA: OMG That is such a cute story that I was not expecting to be behind a drawing of poop. Wen-Ju is so nice and easy to talk to, I'm glad I get to see her booth again at Magic City Comic Con this month. See more of her artwork at on her website and check out @wenjuice on instagram for regular updates with photos of exhibitions, shows, artwork, work in progress, and any art events.


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