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Hungry Artist Will Letter for Lunch

by Jaanelle Yee 3

Hungry Artist Will Letter for Lunch | Doodlers Anonymous

Drawing and eating are two of Lauren Hom's favorite things. Her motto of "Work hard, snack often" gets put to good use with her Will Letter for Lunch project. Lauren noticed how commonly chalkboard menus are drawn up by restaurant staff with no pizazz, and she couldn't help thinking she could do it better herself. So she did!

She does not have any set prices for her work and never gets paid money for her hand-drawn lettering. The twist is her quirky stipulation that any food she writes about must be served to her. On her site she describes what she lettered and what she lunched at the restaurants she visits. Her eating adventures range from humble snacks (for the "Mayo Party" sign you can see beneath the fold she was paid in a taste sample of every mayonnaise in the restaurant and also got to take two jars home with her) to epic feasts for a queen (for writing the entire menu in the photo above she got 7 plates of food + cocktails and wine).

Found via Design Taxi.


  1. I wish I could write like that

  2. I have been thinking about offering that kind of service, I love Lauren\'s spin on it!

  3. I am trying to write for cards and scrapbooking, but never be as great as this.

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